Microsoft 365 or G Suite

In this blog I will hopefully give you enough information to make the decision between Microsoft 365 (Office 365) and G Suite. I have used both and find them both great products that will meet most of your business requirements.

Are you hooked on Word, Excel or Outlook?

This is probably the biggest deciding factor for a lot of businesses, if you and your staff want to use the installed versions of the Microsoft office apps, for example  Word, Excel and more importantly Outlook then it is probably a no brainer, you’re better off with Microsoft 365.

While you can use Microsoft desktop apps with G Suite via their great Drive File Stream app and G Suite’s web based versions of Word (Docs), Excel (Sheets), PowerPoint (Slides) look like Microsoft’s versions, Gmail takes a bit of getting used to. So instead of paying for a Microsoft Office license and G Suite licence I would recommend you choose Microsoft 365.

Both G Suite and Microsoft basic plans have web apps, and while Google’s Sheets is no match for Excel it does a great job for basic spreadsheets. And both Google Docs and Sheets documents can be downloaded in a Microsoft format if needed.


The other key difference is that the G Suite Business plan has unlimited storage IF you have 5 of more licenses. If you have 4 or less licenses you get 1TB per user, but to be honest it is worth buying additional licenses to make 5 if you want unlimited storage.

So if you’re not too bothered about Microsoft Office but need a lot of storage for those videos or AutoCAD files then unlimited storage is hard to say no to.

Microsoft does come with a decent amount of storage which is enough for most business but if you have a lot of data you cannot go wrong with G Suite


G Suite has 3 plans, Microsoft has hmm, a lot..

However the problem with G Suite is that unless you are a big business (over 300 users) all your staff have to be on the same plan. So if you want unlimited storage everyone needs to be on the business plan.

With Microsoft 365 you can have mixed plans, so to save costs you can have some staff on the basic plan so they only have access to the web apps and put power users who need Excel or those Execs that will only use Outlook on at least the Business plus plan.

I believe Google missed a trick here, it is not as flexible as Microsoft.


When it comes to security BOTH platforms are very secure, they both have multiple compliance certifications, have multi factor authentication and have great spam filters.

Unfortunately you and your staff are the weakest link because no matter how secure your system is if someone is duped into handing over their login credentials by a well crafted phishing campaign you could lose a whole load of data and worse your reputation can take a hit. So make sure you train your staff on how to spot a phishing email.


Teams vs Hangouts. Teams is extremely feature rich, it has video conferencing, chat, forms, and loads of 3rd party plugins available, which is great for education. So it wins hands down if you’re comparing functionality. However with all that functionality comes complexity and I bet the average user would not use half of what Teams has to offer.

There is a lot to be said to keeping things simple and that is where Hangouts Meet and Chat comes into its own, it is a video conferencing and chat facility that is simple to use.


If you want unlimited storage and you’re already used to Gmail over outlook go with G Suite.

If you’re hooked on Outlook or love those big complex spreadsheets choose Microsoft 365.

For everyone else I would recommend trying both and deciding what you prefer as you cannot go wrong with either, both are great and are always being improved.

One thing I would say is if your already using one of them and are thinking of switching we have found that while the migration can be straight forward your staff will probably not thank you and will require training.

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